Pet Spotlight Interview – Yoshii

*What is your name? Theresa *Where are you from? Leipzig/Germany *What is your pet(s) (Age, Breed & Name)? Yoshii, French Bulldog, 1,5 Years old Yoshii has a facebook page so be sure to check it out! *What are some interesting facts about your pet(s)? He still has 4 other siblings. It weighs 14 kilos. He … Continue reading Pet Spotlight Interview – Yoshii

Tuesday Animal Spotlight – Frank the Frenchie

*Your name? Ashley *Where are you from? Kelowna, BC *Animal (s) ( Age, breed, name)? Frank the French Bulldog. He is 2! *Interesting facts about your animal(s) ? Frank has two rows of teeth on the bottom like a shark. Haha! * Animal(s) favourite treat? He loves his turkey treats and zucchini *Animal(s) favourite trick? … Continue reading Tuesday Animal Spotlight – Frank the Frenchie