How Rolo & I celebrated #NationalLoveYourPetDay 2016

As you probably seen plastered all over social media on February 20th that it was National Love Your Pet Day! In our house we celebrate this each and every single day but I wanted to make the day just a little bit more extra special for Rolo. I planned a whole day for us and … Continue reading How Rolo & I celebrated #NationalLoveYourPetDay 2016

Adorable Adoptable { Ella }

Good Morning Friends! As you all know my dog Rolo has Canine Epilepsy.  Yesterday I happened to stumble across a post on Facebook in a group about a girl named Ella who is currently looking for her forever home. Ella, just like Rolo and has Canine Epilepsy.  We are here today to talk all about … Continue reading Adorable Adoptable { Ella }

Exclusive Business Interview –

Today on our blog it features an exclusive interview with Brad one of the co-founders of FundMyPet.Com is an online community in which you can help raise funds for animals. Does your pet need an expensive surgery? Does your shelter need some help raising funds for spay & neuter clinics, an animal that came … Continue reading Exclusive Business Interview –