Thursday Business Spotlight – GripNGroom

I had the pleasure of getting an interview filled out by Randy from Mercury Innovations. He has created an amazing product called the GripNGroom. He is doing a kickstarter campaign to get funding to produce a nationwide commercial to showcase his new product. With being a dog mom of a GSD x Husky who actually has … Continue reading Thursday Business Spotlight – GripNGroom

Thursday Business Spotlight – Mema Pets

*What is the name of your business? Our business is called MEMA pets. *Who is filling out this interview? My name is Patricia Ochoa, Co-Founder of MEMA pets. *How long have you been with the company for: I’ve been with the company since it started at the beginning of this year, when we started this … Continue reading Thursday Business Spotlight – Mema Pets

Tuesday Business Spotlight – Leadahose

This Tuesday Business Spotlight is on a company that just about to finish their kickstarter campaign called LEADAHOSE. What is a Leadahose you ask? Well be sure to read the interview below to find out and support their kickstarter campaign and get one for yourself ---> by visiting this link *What is the name of your business? … Continue reading Tuesday Business Spotlight – Leadahose