Spotlight Interview – Matrix Partners {Don Tomala}

Today on our blog we have a special interview for you featuring Don Tomala; The managing Director & co-founder of Matrix Partners®! What is Matrix Partners? Well they are a pet loving marketing & PR firm that has been around for 28 years, focused guessed it! PETS! Do you got a pet brand or … Continue reading Spotlight Interview – Matrix Partners {Don Tomala}

International Pet Blogging Month {Part 2}

As today winds up the last day of International Pet Blogging Month(September), we are featuring another pet blogger! Welcome Carol; blogger extraordinaire! She and her adorable dog Dexter run the blog; Fidose of Reality® and they even have a fundraising portion of their blog called Wigglebutt Warriors® that is also ran along side Carol's wife … Continue reading International Pet Blogging Month {Part 2}