Happy #NationalDogDay

Today is National Dog Day, even though I am sure all your dog lovers celebrate this daily. Today is a day dedicated on the "Pet Calendar" to our furries! This day was created back in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a pet & family lifestyle expert and big animal advocate. Does that name sound familiar? She … Continue reading Happy #NationalDogDay

Wagging Wednesday – Yesterday Was #Nationaldogday

Yesterday; August 26th was the 10th celebration of #NationalDogDay!  What did you do to celebrate with your dogs? Did you take them to their favorite park to play? Donate some items to your local animal shelter? Take them to a pet store to get some yummy new treats? Spend time cuddling with them while watching a movie? The … Continue reading Wagging Wednesday – Yesterday Was #Nationaldogday