Business Spotlight –

Today on our blog we are featuring a newly launched shopping site called that features over 10,000+ high quality & affordable pet products(not just for dog owners either!). It was officially launched on March 1, 2016! We caught up with Adam Saul; the Owner & Director of E-Commerence for the company for a little … Continue reading Business Spotlight –

Pet Spotlight Interview – Shiner, Jack & Gus

Today's pet spotlight interview happens to feature Shiner, Jack & Gus from the pet blog; Pawsitively Pets. Ann is a professional pet blogger and former vet technician. Check out her blog here: *What is your name? Ann Staub *Where are you from? Austin, Texas *What is your pet(s) (Age, Breed & Name)? Shiner is … Continue reading Pet Spotlight Interview – Shiner, Jack & Gus

Tuesday Business Spotlight – Dog Rocks

Today we are posting an interview with Carina from Dog Rocks USA LLC. We received a sample of the dog rocks but unfortunately with our weather here in Canada there is snow outside and now way to do an accurate Pet Product Review on the dog rocks. I have seen these available in pet store in our town and know a few … Continue reading Tuesday Business Spotlight – Dog Rocks